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We support Protofuture -cause it`s a LIVING LEGEND !

- 2020 in Berlin -

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RE_FORMA is a programming and production platform for emerging artists, musicians and curators working in Berlin.

- 2020 in Berlin -


queer at heart Hosted every Tuesday, by Mo Zabian: Interviews with LGBTQ Professionals and everyday people from North America and around the globe, Discussing the most current topics and issues faced by LGBTQ communities.

  • EP 33 - THE JEALOUS: A Sufi Mystery by Laury Silvers, Cofounder of the All inclusive LGBTQ Mosque
    by mo zabian on 25. November 2020 at 04:18

    Dr Laury Silvers, Author, Professor and cofounder of the all inclusive, LGBTQ Mosque, talks to us about her newest book, The Jealous: A Sufi Mystery.  This book is the sequel in the series of what will be four.   Contact:   Music: C Carosi

  • EP 32 - Queer At Heart Podcast - How do QUEER MINORITIES COME OUT?
    by mo zabian on 8. November 2020 at 14:00

    Nisrine Maktabi, Masters of Science in Psychology from Bristol University- trauma and attachment therapist / she/ her worked with different marginalized populations including newcomers and refugee LGBTQ population.   Contact:   Music: C Carosi

  • EP 31 - GUESS WHAT?? your DOG might be GAY....AND HERE'S WHY!
    by mo zabian on 17. October 2020 at 13:00

    Ronnie Azar, Inventor of the first dog shoe talks to us about ways to care for your dog, healing benefits of having a pet and whether your dog could be gay or not. Official Audio Podcast: Direct Dog Shoes link: You tube video : Healthy Cooking with Ro For You & Your Pet! @healthycookingwithro #healthycookingwithro . Contact Ronnie for a dog fitting appointment. Neo-Paws International Inc 125 River St Toronto, On M5A 3P5 416-366-PAWS (7297 )

    by mo zabian on 16. September 2020 at 13:00

    Shayna Sparling - PhD in Applied Social Psychology - she/her I'm a postdoctoral fellow in the HIV Prevention Lab at Ryerson University.  Dr. Shayna Sparling's is on how inter-personal factors impact the way we make decisions about our sexual health and how we approach situations where we might have to negotiate for safer sex. (my website:   Samer Lazkani - B.A. in Psychology - he/him  Samer (self identified Bear) is the lab manager of the HIV Prevention Lab at Ryerson University. He works on all the projects our lab puts out, which are largely focussed on the sexual and mental health of gay men.  (our lab website:   Contact:   Music: C Carosi      

  • EP 29 - HIV, STIGMA and FASHION - Fashion Nomad and HIV/AIDS activist Myles Sexton and Mo Zabian
    by mo zabian on 1. September 2020 at 12:30

    Fashion Nomad and HIV/AIDS Activist Myles Sexton speaks with Mo Zabian about the importance of revealing his HIV status to the world.  A beautifully vulnerable conversation you don't want to miss.   Contact: Music: C. Carosi

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