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We support Protofuture -cause it`s a LIVING LEGEND !

- 2020 in Berlin -

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RE_FORMA is a programming and production platform for emerging artists, musicians and curators working in Berlin.

- 2020 in Berlin -


queer at heart Hosted every Tuesday, by Mo Zabian: Interviews with LGBTQ Professionals and everyday people from North America and around the globe, Discussing the most current topics and issues faced by LGBTQ communities.

  • EP 36 - CODEPENDENT! could that be you?
    by mo zabian on 25. February 2021 at 01:04

    Host, Mo Zabian and Psychotherapist, Nisrine Maktabi discuss what it means to be codependent and the signs you should be looking for.   IG: @healwithnisrine IG: @queeratheartpodcast   Music: C Carosi

    by mo zabian on 9. February 2021 at 17:31

    Psychotherapist, Nisrine Maktabi talks to us about "Sex Addiction" and Attachment Styles (Attachment Theory) and how they may be connected. Contact:      IG: @healwithnisrine    Music: C. Carosi

  • EP 34 -Zoom Interview with Denique Leblanc.
    by mo zabian on 16. December 2020 at 23:16

    Denique LeBlanc is a Canadian singer and fiddler, grew up on the East Coast of Canada. He was heavily involved in the Celtic music scene and learned to play the fiddle at age 10. Denique Began producing electronic music at age 16 and released his debut album Shape 1, which won the ECMA for Electronic Recording of the Year. Denique is also known for playing at RuPaul's DragCon LA, NYC and UK. He has also played festivals all over the world including Europe. His most recently famous song/project is called Finally Free.   #queeratheartpodcast #rupaulsdragrace#deniqueleblanc #lgbtpodcast #lgbtqi #deniqueleblanc #mozabian #finallyfree #rupaul #dragrace     Contact:   Music: C Carosi

  • EP 33 - THE JEALOUS: A Sufi Mystery by Laury Silvers, Cofounder of the All inclusive LGBTQ Mosque
    by mo zabian on 25. November 2020 at 04:18

    Dr Laury Silvers, Author, Professor and cofounder of the all inclusive, LGBTQ Mosque, talks to us about her newest book, The Jealous: A Sufi Mystery.  This book is the sequel in the series of what will be four.   Contact:   Music: C Carosi

  • EP 32 - Queer At Heart Podcast - How do QUEER MINORITIES COME OUT?
    by mo zabian on 8. November 2020 at 14:00

    Nisrine Maktabi, Masters of Science in Psychology from Bristol University- trauma and attachment therapist / she/ her worked with different marginalized populations including newcomers and refugee LGBTQ population.   Contact:   Music: C Carosi

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